Universal Air


24/7 HVAC service to the Greater Toronto Area: Scarborough, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa.


Universal Air offers a variety of heating systems to accommodate your building's heat source requirements. Whether it's water, gas forced or electric forced air.

All of our heating systems are ENERGY STAR approved so our clients can feel at ease knowing they are saving energy and money.

Air Conditioning:

Universal Air uses the top quality brands in the industry: Allied, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, York ,Rheem to give our clients the best in performance and energy saving for either residential, commercial, or industrial use. Our heating and Air Conditioning products are ENERGY STAR approved, guaranteeing , reliable energy efficient and quiet performance.

HVAC Installation:

The majority of heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues can be led back to installation problems. Improper installation does not only affect costs, but also the health and safety of individuals.

Universal Air employs highly trained and qualified technicians and contractors in order to ensure accurate Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation every time. Our installers always follow up to date building codes, perform current heat load calculations, and employ the most appropriate heating ventilation and air conditioning system for your home or business.


A well performing ventilation system is one of the most crucial components for maintaining high indoor air quality and a healthy space. Our indoor air quality systems remove unwanted and harmful air particles. Universal Air provides an assortment of indoor air quality systems to suit the needs and specifications for each space and client.

Duct Cleaning:

Being a part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry for over 30 years, Universal Air understands that efficiency and health are the main area of concern for our clients. With energy costs always rising, duct cleaning offers some relief as it ensures efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and secures the life-span of the equipment. Duct cleaning services also guarantee high indoor air quality, creating healthy interior environments for either your family or the workplace.


Creating the right mood and lighting for your space is possible with a Universal Air fireplace. Whatever your style and heating requirements may be, we have a wide range of fireplaces to match. Our fireplaces are dependable and efficient, and are sure to increase the quality and value of your indoor space.